Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dell Studio 1457 Laptop

     Testing Center】 【IT168 Dell's notebook products in the domestic consumers seem to be relatively low-key, especially in the new release there is no other brand on the far less frequently. In just the last in 2009, Dell gave us a lot of new changes, from the beginning of the year Adamo (admiration) brand of accession and integration into the later latitude e series release, as well as introduce new mini family ... ... Clearly, Dell once again broke out in the pc king of the wind field. In the new year, Dell's product line of fashion Stdio updated once the new Studio 1457 (Dell C5331 battery)notebook brings to consumers a more perfect the ultimate multimedia experience.
     As a member of Studio family, Dell Studio 1457 (Dell C5447 battery)is also in appearance with Studio series of style, minimalist aesthetic of the exterior design gives the feeling of a more life experience. On the hardware specifications, Studio 1470 laptop with Core i7 720QM processor, is a native quad-core design of the CPU, the use of advanced Nehalem architecture, compared to previous generations of Core 2 significantly improved and strengthened, adding to the three cache systems, intelligent acceleration technologies such as an integrated DDR3 memory controller.  Although the original frequency is only 1.6GHz, but thanks to its intelligent use of frequency acceleration techniques can be upgraded to 2.8GHz, coupled with QPI bus speed of 133MHz, and up to 6MB of level three cache, its performance is still strong compared with many mainstream mobile platform .
     Dell Studio 1457(Dell C5974 battery) notebook cover part of the adoption of the traditional ABS plastic, while adding a glossy texture of the baking process to make products look bright carved shell. Less than that in the past a similar design in practical applications are exposed to fingerprints. 336x242x26.3-39.8mm in standard sizes so that Dell Studio 1457 laptop with the current mainstream 13-inch products can not be considered small in comparison, especially in the body thickness, allowed to look a bit clumsy. But taken together, in the application of experience, comfort and cooling solutions, the 14-inch notebook will be more worth looking forward to performance.
     Although the 16:9-size notebook computers more and more appears in our field of vision in most products, however, is only the replacement of 16:9 LCD screen, and does not replace the mold, so we can see a lot of products in the last Some border was extremely wide, which also greatly reduces the degree of notebook aesthetics. Dell Studio 1457(Dell C6109 battery) redesign of the mold with the 16:9 screen with the perfect, which enable users to use a long time, the visual experience more comfortable. In addition, the built-in 2 million pixel camera with both sides of the array microphone, will enable users to online video and voice chat to further enhance the effect.
     Dell Studio 1457 Dell C7786 battery has been designed to provide the speakers above the keyboard, in the audio aspects of the adoption of the U.S. SRS Labs audio authentication, this also means that although the amplifier in a small speaker is weak, but through rational design and a balanced output to make sound enhancement .
     Simple fashion with the machine position is consistent, Dell Studio 1457(Dell C9554 battery) Notebook C-face working in areas not designed to any function button, and join the backlight effect of boot keys clever design in the right side of the screen shaft, the user will be presented a stand-breathing light condition. Using popular floating backlit keyboard design and ammonium very generous key spacing, compared to an ordinary keyboard, and its actual operation back to the intensity is relatively soft, in the long operation is not easy to experience fatigue.
     Dell Studio 1457(Dell CC156 battery) using the touch pad in-one design, sinking a regional operational areas including the palm rest part of India have joined the HP Imprint process, so that the whole operation region with a more gentle tone. In addition, the touch regions attached frosted design, improved anti-slip and ensure the accurate positioning. The design is more lenient about keys and key-way long, the operation feel soft.

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