Sunday, January 10, 2010

DELL Ling Yue 1440 Laptop

     DELL's Inspiron series of soul more popular since the launch of the students and female consumers of all ages. As the originator of color covers machine design, I will introduce today is one of a DELL1440-303(Dell 312-0394 battery) notebooks, at present, "Xi-kun Germany electronic" Price 5399 yuan, interested friends can try to understand the next.
     Dell Inspiron Ling Yue 1440-303(Dell 312-0408 battery) has introduced obsidian color, alpine white, cherry red, ice blue, elegant pink, emerald green, and purple mink in seven colors, and can be ordered from the official website and business to a different shell replacement, very beautiful fashion. DELL1440(Dell 312-0427 battery) using LED14-inch glossy HD 16:9 screen resolution of 1368 × 768, the screen is very crisp and clear. The lines are very smooth machine soft, rounded corners, the whole appearance of the LOGO addition to A outside the plane there is no other extra carving, very simple and generous, machine 2.4KG.
     Configuration, DELL1440-303 (Dell 312-0435 battery)and the market as the low-end mainstream configurations using Intel Core 2 Duo T4300 processor, 2G RAM, 250G hard drive and 512M discrete graphics card, in addition to an independent office storage applications, but also to meet the needs and high-definition game play . At the same time with the family camera and Bluetooth wireless functionality, usability strong.
     Edit Comment: DELL1440-303(Dell 312-0444 battery) configuration, to meet the vast majority of students and women in entry-level consumer needs in the students home market response is good, beautiful and changeable in color and very worthy of our attention. Currently there are lower prices than before, there is demand for a friend can be considered a shot.

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