Monday, November 23, 2009

Acer 5538G (312G32Mn) Laptop

     AMD's PUMA platform, I believe that we are all Ruleiguaner, but the arrival of red 5538G today used the PUMA platform based on AMD's new mobile platform, "Tigris", using ultra-low-power AMD dual-core Athlon ™ processor, L-310, can be said to correspond to the Intel CULV the 5810T series(Bt.00607.001 battery), also equipped with ultra-thin long-life characteristics, and the price advantage.
Acer 5538G-312G32Mn in a stylish design, in the gray frosted material relieved against, Acer's LOGO printed on the shell in the middle position, full of artistic atmosphere.
     Built-in part, Bt.00607.042 battery is equipped with ultra-thin 15.6-inch CrystalBrite screen, 16:9 golden ratio, 1366 x 768 resolution, 8ms response time, to provide you with a clear viewing experience. Standard 300,000-pixel high-sensitive camera. Body measurements of 80 (W) x 259 (D) x 26.4/30.8 (H) mm, weight 2.4KG.
     Configuration, Acer 5538G-312G32Mn(Bt.00803.001 battery) with AMD Athlon Neo X2 L310 Low Voltage processor, 1.2GHz frequency, 512KB secondary cache, standard 2G memory and 320G 5400 rpm hard drive, using ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4330 graphics card, have a 512MB DDR3 dedicated graphics memory. Built-in ultra-thin DVD-SuperMulti burner, system pre-installed genuine Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium operating system, the standard Acer backup / restore management software.
     Interface, the Acer 5538G-312G32Mn(Bt.00803.004 battery) is equipped with three USB2.0, Observing the card reader, VGA port, HDMI interface, RJ45, voice input, voice output hole, DC power jack, security keyhole, a microphone, a headset.
     Networks, Gigabit Ethernet, and 802.11b/g/N books configure wireless module built-in Bluetooth 2.1 module at the same time, Acer 5538G-312G32Mn(Bt.00803.005 battery ) also provides a separate numeric keypad, very humanistic.

Acer i7 Laptop

     Recently, Acer has introduced the first Core i7's notebook Acer Aspire 8940G. The Bt.00604.012 battery uses the brand's high-end consumer notebook unique "seastar" shape, trying to provide a full range of sensual experience. The laptop is currently not officially listed in China, foreign media, it has been released in the first report of its prerelease evaluation. Today, we work together to look at the actual performance of the notebook and the use of feelings.
     Acer Aspire 8940G is equipped with an Intel Core i7 processor, NVIDIA 250M discrete graphics, Blu-ray drive, and 18.4 inches 1080P Full HD FULL HD large screen notebook, be called the standard "desktop replacement." This Bt.00604.007 battery can be used not only to play games, but also act as indoor multimedia centers. Backlit keyboard and touch-sensitive multimedia keys enriched by the presence of even a lot of it. This kind of laptop in the end provide excellent performance? This article will now show mystery.

     Acer Aspire 8940G still choose the brand of consumer notebooks that signs of "seastar" shape. But Bt.00604.006 battery is also designed some improvements to its screen-axis position and shape are similar to the Acer back online this Aspire One. This makes the thickness of its body did not seem to exceed the 15-inch or 17-inch laptop much, but also so that the notebook for easy portability.
     The Bt.00604.001 battery appeared to be quite strong real prison, the screen covers the rear compression does not appear bent when the basic state. However, due to the use of materials gives this varnish, which cover the surface of a smooth pattern susceptible to fingerprints, scratches and so tarnished.
     Acer Aspire 8940G (Bt.00604.004 battery)chassis is relatively strong. The C plane arranged for keyboard, sound, touch pad and shortcut keys, to use very smoothly.

Acer 4736G Laptop

Acer Aspire 4736G-744G50Mn Acer's Windows 7 operating system, powered by the latest models, at present, its offer of 5,600 dealers yuan, with a machine-printed invoices, and a complimentary Bt.00603.002 battery bag.
Acer Aspire 4736G-744G50Mn(Bt.00603.006 battery) with Intel Core 2 Duo P7450 processor (2.13GHz GHz / 3MB Cache / 1066MHz bus), Intel PM45 + ICH9M chipset, 4GB memory, 500GB hard drive, NVIDIA GeForce G105M 512MB graphics card, as well as a resolution of 1366 × 768 14-inch screen.
Interface, the Acer Aspire 4736G-744G50Mn(Bt.00603.010 battery) is equipped with three USB 2.0 interface, a VGA port, 1 RJ11 interface, one RJ45 interface, a set of audio input and output interface, DC power jack, an ExpressCard/54 Observing the expansion slot and the card reader (SD / MMC / MS / MS PRO / xD) and so on.
Network, the Acer Aspire 4736G-744G50Mn (Bt.00603.012 battery)offers 10/100/1000M Adaptive Ethernet card, Intel Wifi Link 5100AGN 802.11a/g/n (1 × 2) wireless card.
Acer Aspire 4736G-744G50Mn the body size of 342 × 239 × 23-38.6 mm, body weight of 2.3 kilograms, the official nominal life time is about 2-3 hours.
Dealer Comments: Acer Aspire 4736G-744G50Mn (Bt.00603.016 battery)the appearance of precious stones is still a common look and feel, but the internal configuration there are still many bright spots, such as 4GB of memory and 500GB hard drive, the latest Windows 7 system, to more than 5000 yuan compared to the price segment is still relatively good.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Toshiba L515 Laptop

Toshiba L515 laptop in a stylish in appearance from the dry paint process design, Ti-tan body color is silver, the material is a composite material, so that the whole Toshiba pa3191-2bas battery looks simple and clean. At the same time panels using membrane transfer technology to enable a more wear-resistant body. The concise Addict pattern design monochrome panels broke the dull feeling. Toshiba L515 Toshiba pa3191u-1bas battery use 14.0 inches TFT-LED HD screen resolution of 1366 × 768, the ratio is 16:9. Overall body size of only 340 × 282 × 33.6-38mm. Ergonomic keyboard with 86 keys. Sanhao currently quoted at 5299 yuan.
Toshiba L515 laptop using the Intel Pentium dual-core T4200 processor, CPU core Penryn. 1MB second-level cache support. At the same time using the Windows Vista Home Basic operating system. Has a 2GB DDRII 800MHz memory and 250GB SATA hard drive, hard disk parameters for 5400. Maximum support memory is 4GB. Toshiba pa3191u-1brs battery type of graphics card is the ATI Mobility Radeon HD4530 graphics card to support AMD HyperMemory dynamic shared memory technology. Bit-width graphics cards are 64bit. Built-in optical drive, support DVD SuperMulti double-layer burning. Means to take equipment touchpad. In addition, Toshiba L515 Toshiba pa3191u-2brs battery also supports ATI Avivo HD (UVD 2) high-definition systems. Built-in speakers, stereo speakers and support for Intel High Definition Audio, stereo sound audio system. Support network camera, face recognition feature.
Settings and other aspects of the interface: Toshiba L515 laptop using the 2 × USB2.0, 1 × USB2.0/eSATA, 1 × VGA, 1 × RJ45, 1 group headphone output and microphone input interface; 1 × HDMI; 1 × ExpressCard; 1 Express Card, support for Observing reader (SD, SDHC, MMC, Memory Stick, Memory Stick Pro). 6-cell Toshiba pa3191u-4brs battery is used in lithium battery (3700mAh), power supply 100V-240V 50/60Hz AC power supply self-adaptive. Random with a lithium battery; power adapter; manual. TOSHIBA with software utility; TOSHIBA Assist; ConfigFree; DVD MovieFactory for TOSHIBA; TOSHIBA Disc Creator; TOSHIBA DVD Player; Adobe Acrobat Reader 9; Trendmicro Internet Security 200 (90-day trial); Microsoft Office 2007 (60-day trial).
Edit Comment: Toshiba L515 Toshiba pa3191u-4bas battery affordable prices, for more customers like Toshiba provides a good option. Price than other models of Toshiba notebooks much cheaper, but the configuration is also still guarantee high quality of Toshiba notebook should be configured.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Toshiba M901 Laptop

     With the accelerated pace of social life, the traditional desktop computer can no longer satisfy people's demand for convenience. More and more people tend to choose more easily portable notebook. However, with the numerous brands of Toshiba pa3009u-1bar battery computer market, we may be squandering charming eyes gradually want to feel at home for this life Xiaobian provides the latest and most comprehensive notebook of information, so that we can according to their needs, selecting high - cost-effective products.
     Toshiba Portege M901(Toshiba pa3009u battery) is equipped with 13.3-inch WXGA wide-screen, Intel Core 2 Duo T6500 processor (2.1GHz frequency / 2MB 2 Cache / 800MHz front-side bus), IntelPM45 chipset, 2GB DDR2 memory, 320GB hard drive, DVD burner, and ATI Mobility Radeon HD4570 graphics card, at present this product, pricing is about 6400 yuan.
     The mainstream of the native hardware configuration to satisfy most users there is no problem for daily use, and the other cap with a soft mocha brown tone design-oriented machine, a different kind of fashion to add flavor, without leaving any fingerprints prints. 13-inch fuselage mold performed well in terms of portable, suitable for those who pay attention to the appearance of office workers to use.
Compared with the previous generation product, the machine was undoubtedly the most worthy of showing off the latest introduction of the "ECO mode", and in the use of the process, his hands touch the keyboard at the top of the "ECO" shortcut keys, you can open the energy-saving mode, Toshiba pa3009 battery can be by turning off lights, lowering the screen brightness, and stop the port power supply means lower power consumption.
     This machine has a good design ideas, streamlined body design combined corner oysters, so that the whole is even more thin, body size of 317 × 230 × 31.8-38.2mm, the body weight of 2.4Kg. Toshiba pa3009ur battery is equipped with 13.3-inch WXGA Clear Super Bright Widescreen, carrying TOSHIBA CSV Super View Technology (Clear Super View), can provide users with clear and sharp visual effects, and its maximum resolution of 1280 × 800 pixels.
     New design of the speakers made some adjustments, using a new "floating" design. Voice work in the unit, the overall vibration in the rubber circle to avoid the shock of the body after passing resonance noise, bringing a more pure sound quality.
Interface, the Toshiba Portege M901(Toshiba pa3009ur-1bar battery) provides the following body interface: 2 USB2.0, 1 Ge USB2.0/eSATA, 1 Ge VGA, 1 Ge RJ45, 1 group headphone / microphone port, 1 HDMI high-definition interface, a Liu Heyi ExpressCard slot and a card reader (SD, SDHC, xD, MMC, Memory Stick, Memory Stick Pro).
     Toshiba's design team-based machines joined the multi-touch features, you can achieve the image of "Zoom", "narrow" or "spin" and other operations, in addition to touch panel can be customized around the corner office as a shortcut key, Toshiba Portege M901(Toshiba pa3010u-1bar battery) from the operational perspective compared to the previous generation had been a qualitative improvement.
     Toshiba's new Portege series still follows the original three-dimensional hard disk protection technology, Toshiba pa3038 battery can come through the acceleration sensor body vibration, when the machine crash or fall, the hard disk can quickly remove the head, stop reading and writing in order to ensure data security.
     Network, the machine is built 10/100/1000M Ethernet card and 56K modem, and is equipped with 802.11a/g/n wireless card and Bluetooth module. Life context, which uses 6-pin (3700 milliamperes) lithium Toshiba pa3062u-1bar battery-powered, the official nominal life time of up to 3-4 hours.
     Editorial: compared to the previous generation product, the machine in appearance, performance and application design are upgraded. Taken together, Toshiba Portege M901 is a high-quality 13-inch Toshiba pa3038u-1brl battery.

Toshiba T131 Laptop

     With the accelerated pace of social life, the traditional desktop computer can no longer satisfy people's demand for convenience. More and more people tend to choose more easily portable notebook. However, with the numerous brands of Toshiba pa3001 battery computer market, we may be squandering charming eyes gradually want to feel at home for this life Xiaobian provides the latest and most comprehensive notebook of information, so that we can according to their needs, selecting high - cost-effective products.
     Yesterday, we reported that Toshiba Portégé T131 notebook market news. This ultra-thin and light notebooks with England and a simple style, equipped with the latest operating system Windows 7. At present, this Toshiba pa3001u-1brm battery is also a dealer quote 4999 Yuan.
     Toshiba Portégé T131 notebook with a black body Teana, membrane transfer process on the roof covered with England-style pattern; 13.3-inch LED-backlit wide-screen at the top of a 300,000-pixel built-in camera, the camera uses a mirror around the design, with echoes is the bottom of the screen "TOSHIBA" LOGO; machine comes standard with 6-cell lithium Toshiba pa3002u-1brl battery weighs 1.76 kilograms.
     Configuration, the Toshiba Portégé T131 Toshiba pa3002ur battery Intel Pentium dual-core SU4100 processor, Intel GS45 chipset, integrated Intel GMA X4500 graphics core; have 2GB DDR3 RAM, 320GB hard drive (with 3D HDD protection technology); Bluetooth V2.1 + EDR module , 802.11b/g/n wireless LAN module; Windows 7 Home Basic operating system pre-installed.
Toshiba T131
Processor Type Intel Pentium SU4100
Standard memory capacity of 2GB
Memory Type DDRIII
320GB hard drive capacity
Intel GMA X4500 graphics chip
13.3-inch screen size
Screen resolution of 1366 × 768
Backlight Technology LED Backlight
Notebook weight of 1760g
Dimension 323 × 223 × 22.2-34.2mm
Wireless LAN 802.11b/g/n wireless protocols supported
Description 100Mbps LAN card
Bluetooth Support
USB port 3 × USB2.0
Card Reader 3-in-1 card reader
VGA video output
Other interfaces power interface, cable interface, headphone out port, microphone input interface
Battery Type 6-cell lithium batteries
Life time, depending on the specific use of the environment may be
Operating system, Windows 7 Home Basic
Other features integrated camera 
Edit Comment:
     Toshiba Portégé T131 Toshiba pa3009u-1bat battery body slim and simple design style, and have low-voltage dual-core processor, Windows 7 operating system; coupled with hard drive protection, wireless, Bluetooth capabilities, which makes the model ideal for business trips, meetings, etc. need to carry occasions.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

ThinkPad R400 Laptop

     Lenovo ThinkPad R400 (Ibm 02k6795 battery) large client uses Core 2 Duo T9550, ATI HD3470 alone significantly, using a 14.1-inch 1440 × 900 high-resolution LCD screen, good overall performance. Currently marketing in this way, merchants offer for 9799 yuan, three-year warranty, send large Li Bao: original IBM laptop bag, mouse, mouse pad, ZESTAW headphones, screen protection, there is a demand for a friend may wish to focus the next.
     Appearance, the Lenovo ThinkPad R400 2786K21 adhering to the R series of classic design, commercial design style, simple and yet stylish. Use of aluminum-magnesium alloy body structure and high flexibility of polyethylene carbon-fiber fuselage shell, so that Ibm 02k6794 battery becomes more solid black, but also more conducive to machine cooling. A 14.1-inch screen, 1440 × 900 high-resolution LCD screen.
     Configured, the Lenovo ThinkPad R400 Ibm 02k6779 battery uses Intel Core2 Duo (Penryn) T9550 dual-core processor, clocked at 2.66GHz, with Intel GM45 + ICH9M motherboard chipset, the ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3470 graphics card, standard 2GB DDR3 1066 memory and a 320GB 5400 switch to SATA hard drives, and provide Rambo drive.
     Interface, the Lenovo ThinkPad R400 Ibm 02k6778 battery has three USB2.0 interface, an Express card, a 1394 Firewire, 1 VGA port, 1 RJ11, 1 Ge RJ45, a group of input-output audio jack, built-in card reader devices, and security keyhole; network built-in 10-100-1000M card, and Intel WiFi Link 5100 wireless card, built-in Bluetooth.
     Edit Comment: In summary, the Lenovo ThinkPad R400 2786K21 the configuration on the Ibm 02k6796 battery is very tough, but business is also very noble and elegant appearance, is a good choice for business people

ThinkPad SL500 Laptop

Quotes】 【Beijing ThinkPad SL Ibm 02k6776 battery is targeted at the low-end business users and the launch of economical and practical notebook on the market because of its high price popular with consumers. Today, we learned from the market, the series uses a Celeron dual-core ThinkPad SL500 (Ibm 02k6758 battery) are being cut prices, merchants latest offer is only 3499 yuan, plus one dollar to send original package, IBM a small mouse.
Appearance, this ThinkPad SL500 break the traditional black design, Ibm 02k6767 battery is the first time the piano paint shell design, the machine fashion while retaining the business atmosphere, the middle of the keyboard design of the classic Little Red Riding Hood still exists. The machine uses high-brightness 15.4-inch widescreen, display remarkable.
    Configuration, this Lenovo ThinkPad SL500 (2746AD6) Ibm 02k6769 battery with the Intel Celeron dual-core T1600 processor, Intel GL40 chipset, Intel GMA X4500 integrated graphics, and supports 802.11b / g (54Mbps) wireless protocol; comes standard with a 1GB RAM, 250GB hard drive and Combo drive; pre-installed Windows Vista Home Basic operating system.

Lenovo ThinkPad SL500 (2746AD6)
Processor Type Intel Celeron Dual-Core T1600
Nominal frequency 1.6GHz
Standard memory capacity of 1GB
250GB hard drive capacity
Drive type DVD burners
Type of integrated graphics card
Intel GMA X4500 graphics chip
Screen size 15.6 inches
Screen ratio 16:10
Screen resolution of 1280 × 800
Backlight Technology LED Backlight
Notebook weight of 2900g
Dimension 358 × 260 × 37-39mm
Wireless card supports 802.11b / g wireless protocols
Description 1000Mbps Ethernet NIC card
USB port 4 × USB2.0
ExpressCard expansion interface
Card Reader All-in-1 card reader
Video output VGA, HDMI
Other interfaces IEEE1394, power supply interface, cable interface, headphone out port, microphone input interface
Operating system, Windows Vista Home Basic
Other features integrated camera

Edit Comment:
ThinkPad SL500 (2746AD6) Ibm 02k6770 battery targeted at entry-level business notebook, the aircraft uses Celeron dual-core T1600 processor, with integrated GMA X4500 graphics, with a 250GB hard drive, 15.4-inch wide-screen, fully able to meet the normal daily work of business users demand.

HP240 Laptop

Shenzhou-date listing of elegance HP240 laptop(Hstnn-ob71 battery) with a new generation of UV piano paint materials design, equipped with a 45nm Pentium dual-core T4200 processor, GM45 chipset, X4500HD graphics card, 2G memory, and 5100AN wireless card, its weight is only 1.83kg and the integration of 1.3 million pixel built-in camera. The books are now in the dealer Yuantong with the latest offer for 3999 yuan, interested dealers can contact a friend.
Shenzhou elegant HP260 Hstnn-ob80 battery top cover part of the adoption of a new generation of UV piano paint materials, making it smooth and wear-resistant and has a higher compression capability, allowing for the precious Hstnn-ub09 battery LCD screen to provide better protection. Which has a 1.3 million pixel built-in camera, intelligent fingerprint recognition, the weight of only 1.83kg, is very portable.
Elegant HP240(Hstnn-q35c battery) using the latest Intel Pentium dual-core T4200 processor core based on 45nm Panryn with 2.0G frequency, 1M 2 cache, and front-side bus speed up to 800MHz, the performance to achieve a qualitative leap. In addition, Intel GM45 chipset, accelerated the data exchange between CPU and north bridge speed, with integrated GMA X4500HD graphics, full support for DX10, Blu-ray and HD DVD high-definition video playback hardware, and so on, through the new SSE4 multimedia instructions of their multi-media application performance up to 70%, performance comparable to the old platform-independent graphics. Standard of 2GB random large-capacity memory, procedures mandate to cope with more and more handy. The Centrino 2 platform technology of advanced multimedia and network applications to bring you a more excellent experience.
Interface connection, the Shenzhou-HP260 (Hstnn-q34c battery)with 3 USB2.0, 1 Ge IEEE1394, Express Card, VGA output, Ethernet interface, and a Quad Play reader. Network, the Shenzhou-HP260 support Fast Ethernet and Intel 3945 wireless card. Built-in 4-cell lithium battery-powered, life be as long as 3 hours.
Shenzhou elegant HP240(Hstnn-q21c battery) has a white and pink two, consumers can choose according to their own preferences. The use of a new generation of UV piano paint materials, making it smooth and wear-resistant and has a higher compressive capacity to provide better security guarantees.

HP Pavilion dm3 Laptop

Since the world's first laptop available since the pursuit of thin portable Hstnn-n50c battery computers has been the pace never stopped, and by 2009, for thin and light notebooks for more time and time again ushered in change. In the thin and light notebooks in the process of product research and development has been due to the difficulty is too high and thin and light notebooks enables the production cost is very high, the market price has not been able to reach the expectations of mainstream users. With notebook technology continues to improve, the Hstnn-ob17 battery also constantly lower the overall price, we have ushered in the thin and light notebook "common era." However, with a large number of thin-to-market, doubts about its performance, is also followed - a lot of thin and light notebook product performance is not satisfactory. I believe this is a lot of pairs of thin friend shared this interest in doubt, Is it thin and light Hstnn-ob20 battery product will not have high-performance Mody? The answer is yes!
Compared to other international brands competing to fear after the introduction of new thin and light Hstnn-ob31 battery, HP's thin and light notebook products seems a bit late, until September 21, 2009, HP's new consumer ultraportable HP Pavilion dm3 thin notebook products to meet until the end and the world. While Hstnn-ob42 battery is HP's new thin and light notebook products also coincides with the launch of a new generation of desktop Windows 7 to catch up with the birth, HP Pavilion dm3 family naturally became the first batch of laptops pre-installed system, new Windows 7, but also to enable many The product of the long-awaited increase in the number of netizens look forward to. Then it's thin and light notebooks with other brands compared to what different? And what advantage? Next we will provide you a detailed introduction on this HP's new thin and light notebooks.
HP Pavilion dm3 (Hstnn-ob41 battery)is a 13.3-inch thin and light notebooks, Cool and sleek all-metal design primarily for the young and trendy breed of consumer groups. In the configuration, HP Pavilion dm3 has adopted two kinds of Intel and AMD platform for users to choose. One use of BGA package, Core 2 Duo SP9300 processor, the HP Pavilion dm3-1010TX(Hstnn-ob38 battery) also mated with the Geforce G105M 512M discrete graphics card. Adoption of AMD Athlon 64-bit high frequency performance of dual-core processor HP Pavilion dm3-1001AX in graphics cards, is using a ATI HD4330 512M and ATI RadeonHD 3200 dual card configuration. In addition, dm3-1001AX (Hstnn-ob37 battery)also has the function of intelligent adaptive dual graphics cards, notebook based on the user's usage, timely adjustments to switch between graphics cards. Today, we get to this product is equipped with a dual-graphics HP Pavilion dm3-1001AX, which is this Hewlett-Packard HP Pavilion dm3 with other brands of similar products on the market the biggest difference, and its performance, the performance of the looking forward to even more people.
From the HP Pavilion dm3 series of product configuration is not difficult to see that its focus on thin and light, while the Hstnn-ob51 battery did not give up the pursuit, so we see this by adding a separate graphics card thin notebook, it is the pursuit of mobility and performance have both balance to meet the full requirements of users. Highly metallic design Hstnn-ob53 battery products is an important contemporary trend, combined with immediate large thermal system, joining the latest Windows 7, so this product is based tend to consider this carefully. Well, this series of HP's new thin and light notebook products, whether over other brands of similar products to become the next star in thin and light notebook market, it? Today, this HP Pavilion dm3-1001AX's performance do? I believe you in the following articles will be able to find the answer you want.

Friday, November 13, 2009

HP VX593PA Laptop

     HP (4411s) VX593PA 431325-321 battery in full black body color, smooth body lines, sharp edges and corners, highlights the extraordinary business temperament; with the piano lid face paint process, so calm, he also revealed his laptop in a stylish breath. Overall weight is about 2.27KG, with good portability.
     14-inch LED-backlit display with a 16:9 display ratio and 1366 × 768 screen resolution, color bright, delicate display. Top of the screen built-in 2 million pixel camera, 431132-002 battery is very easy to use, all-black interior notebooks maintained a steady business style; with a frosted texture of the palmrest, feel very good; and novel design of the floating laptop the keyboard, not just splash spill, but the larger the distance keys, 436281-251 battery also to ensure an excellent use of touch. The left and right palmrest part, on the right palmrest section also has a built-in fingerprint reader, can enhance the security of laptop
     Configuration, this Hewlett-Packard (434045-141 battery) VX593PA notebook uses Intel Core 2 Duo P8700 processor (2.53GHz frequency / 3MB 2 Cache / 1066MHz front-side bus), with Intel PM45 chipset, comes standard with a 2GB of memory, equipped with a 500GB high-capacity, high-speed 7200 RPM hard drive, built-in dual-layer DVD burner, and ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4330 graphics card with 512MB of memory capacity, while ensuring the excellent performance of notebooks at the same time, in the entertainment games are also some good performance.
     Interface, the 436281-361 batterycomes with the fuselage of the four USB2.0 port, VGA, HDMI video interface, a group of headphone / line out and microphone jacks, RJ45 port, ExpressCard slot, and 6-in-1 card reader, to facilitate normal use. Network, the built-1000Mbps Ethernet cards, and support for 802.11a/b/g/n wireless protocol of the wireless card.
     Hewlett-Packard (4411s) VX593PA 436281-422 battery has a steady low-key design, decent performance. Prices are reasonable, interested friends can click here to learn more, or direct purchase.

HP Compaq 515 Laptop

With the accelerated pace of social life, the traditional desktop 411462-321 batterycan no longer satisfy people's demand for convenience. More and more people tend to choose more easily portable notebook. However, with the numerous brands of notebook computer market, we may be squandering charming eyes gradually want to feel at home for this life Xiaobian provides the latest and most comprehensive notebook of information, so that we can according to their needs, selecting high - cost-effective products.
As an upgraded version of HP54(411462-442 battery), HP Compaq 515 Series (416996-131 battery)1 through listing on the sought after by consumers. Today, we understand that a dual-core processor, LED-backlit screen, HP Compaq 515 (VF938PA) notebooks are promotions, but now the latest offer for 3188 yuan, and send original package, mouse, clean package.
Context in appearance, this HP Compaq 515 (416996-441 battery) all-black appearance and Scrub Process, the whole is extraordinarily simple. With 14-inch LED widescreen display, showing the proportion of 16:9 with a resolution of 1366 × 768. Machine dimensions 32 × 336 × 233.9mm, weighs about 2.27 kilograms.
Configuration, the HP Compaq 515 (432974-001 battery) with AMD Athlon QL-64 processor, AMD RS780MN motherboard chipset with integrated ATI Radeon HD3200 graphics core; comes standard with 1GB DDR2 memory, 160GB SATA hard drive and DVD burner, 100Mbps network card and 802.11b / g wireless LAN; pre-installed linux system.
HP 515 (VF938PA)
Processor Type AMD Athlon 64 X2 QL-64
Nominal frequency 2.1GHz
Motherboard Chipset AMD M780G + SB700
Standard memory capacity of 1GB
160GB hard drive capacity
Drive type DVD burners
Design type Built-in CD-ROM
Type of integrated graphics card
ATI Radeon HD 3200 graphics chip
14-inch screen size
Screen ratio 16:9
Screen resolution of 1366 × 768
Backlight Technology LED Backlight
Notebook weight of 2270g
Overall dimensions 32 × 336 × 233.9mm
Wireless card supports 802.11b / g wireless protocols
Description 100Mbps LAN card
56K Modem
USB port 3 × USB2.0
ExpressCard expansion interface
Card Reader 2-in-1 card reader
VGA video output
Other interfaces stereo microphone input port, stereo headphone / line out port, power connector, RJ-45 / Ethernet interface
Linux OS
Hewlett-Packard Compaq 515 (VF938PA) The adoption of AMD dual-core processors, fully capable of competent users in their daily Internet access, word processing and general entertainment tasks; another screen of the model for one of the highlights, and they show a ratio of 16:9, so that the 432306-001 batteryhas a much wider more comfortable visual enjoyment, is a highly cost-effective notebook.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Gateway LT3109c Laptop

The first arrival in Beijing, using AMD's new low-voltage platform, the Gateway 6500982 battery this should be the number of Gateway of the LT3000 series products. Recently, a wine red appearance models: Gateway LT3109c came to Beijing, Jingdong Mall priced at 3,500 yuan. The Gateway LT3109c(Gateway 6501050 battery) equipped with AMD Athlon 64 L110 processor (clocked at 1.2G, 2 cache: 512KB, System Bus: 533MHz). Used with integrated X1270 graphics core RS690E + SR600 chipset motherboard. Comes standard with 1GB memory and 250GB hard drive.
Exterior design, this Gateway LT3109c with the earlier listing of LT2007c very similar, and both the wine red color. And joined the piano process. The Gateway 6501001 battery are slightly different section of the keyboard extends to the shaft section. A face and body, as well as four weeks more is the inclusion of metallic elements to make it even more glamorous. The screen was 11.6 inches, a 16:9 LED screen, a resolution of 1366 × 768.
Gateway LT3109c
Interface part, this Gateway LT3109c equipped with three USB 2.0 interface, built-in Observing the card reader (MS / MS Pro / MMC / SD / xD). Gateway 6500998 battery elements, built-in 10-100M Ethernet, 802.11b / g wireless card. Parts of the system, Windows Vista Home Basic.

PConline Chan Pinku - Specification Parameters
AMD Athlon 64 L110 1.2G
Motherboard Chipset:
Memory Capacity:
Hard disk capacity:
Drive Type:
Screen size:
11.6 inches
Display chip:
Integration, integrated ATI Radeon X1270 graphics card
Built-in 10-100M card
Wireless Communications:
802.11b / g wireless LAN
Built-in Camera:
Built-in camera, 30 megapixel
3, USB2.0
Built-in, Observing card reader (MS / MS Pro / MMC / SD / xD)
Expansion slot:
No PC Card / Express card slot
Other interface:
RJ45, voice input, voice output hole, DC power jack, security keyhole
About 1290g
Windows Vista Home Basic
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Edit Comment: In the performance, 1.2GHz processor, the L110 and Atom N270 (1.6GHz) similar, but in integrated graphics, AMD platform (Gateway 6500996 battery)is an advantage, to better meet the user's needs.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Gateway EC3803 laptop

     Play mix and match clothing apparel Everyone has heard about the wind, are now the stock mix and match the wind blew into the notebook design. This in the end has a "mix and match style" appearance and performance of a notebook how, Gateway 1533216 battery now take a look.
     Appearance, Gateway EC3803( Gateway 1533218 battery) in the middle part is the piano paint materials, the right to have a Gateway metal LOGO, edges partly by the metal material to build such a "mix and match style" look there seems very character, cool fresh full of At the same time metal material, can also play a protective role of the notebook itself.
     Configuration that this section Gateway 1533557 battery used in 13.3-inch display, the standard resolution of 1366x768. Top of the screen built-in 1.3 million pixel camera. EC3803's configuration using Intel Core 2 Solo SU3500 processor, equipped with Intel GS45 + ICH9M chipset, with ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4570 graphics card, standard 2GB DDR3 memory, 250GB high-speed hard drive, built-in DVD burning CD-ROM.
     Gateway EC3803(Gateway 3ur18650f-2-Qc-ma13ur18650f-2-Qc-ma64ur18650-2-Qc-ma1 battery ) interface has an 3 × USB 2.0,1 × VGA, 1 × RJ11, 1 × RJ45, 1 group of audio input-output interface, 1 × Kensington lock slot, multi-card reader and so on. And to provide high-definition HDMI output interface. Network, then the built-in 10-100-1000M card, 802.11n wireless LAN and Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR module.
     Editor comments: refreshing the appearance of solid workmanship, excellent performance, Gateway 2524265 battery believe that many consumers make echocardiography.

Gateway NV4401c

     Editorial: Although it has been Acer acquired Gateway, but Gateway Gateway 1527196 battery still maintained its own unique style. Not long ago, just listed Gateway NV4401c is the Gateway notebook design team, the latest masterpiece; machine with Intel Pentium dual-core T4200 processor, comes standard with 1G memory, 250G hard drive, X4500 graphics card, but now the latest offer of 3,600 yuan, the whole cost is high.
     Exterior design, Gateway 106868 battery classic cartoon cow sign the form before replaced by the now metal design LOGO, gorgeous fashion designer design style highlights the location of modern fashion trends. Piano paint materials inlaid shell design of the metal brand names, keyboard thin operating comfort, the surrounding material surrounded by silver metal. 14-inch TFT LED widescreen design, display clarity, 2.4kg of body weight, slightly smaller weight. 
     Configuration, this Gateway NV4401c Gateway 106842 battery using Intel's 45 nm Pentium dual-core T4200 processor, with GM45 + ICH9M chipset, comes standard with 1GB memory and 250GB hard drive, DVD burner, Intel X4500 graphics; 14-inch 16:9 The LED widescreen; pre-installed Linux.
     Gateway NV4401c fuselage(Gateway 106235 battery) provides the following interfaces: 3 USB 2.0,1 one VGA, 1 Ge HDMI, 1 Ge RJ11, 1 Ge RJ45, 1 Headphone-out jack (S / PDIF) output and microphone input port, a Kensington lock slot. Network, Gateway NV4401c equipped with a 10/100M Ethernet card and 802.11a / g wireless card. Life context, the models use 6-cell lithium battery-powered, life time of up to 2-3 hours.
     Gateway NV4401c Thanks to the integrated graphics, so when Gateway 1528266 battery comes to running 3D games slightly inferior, but for less demanding users of 3D, the price of 3,600 yuan and brand influence, is still relatively great value.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fujitsu S6520

     Fujitsu, the company has given me a headache. Fujitsu fpcbp63p battery has a long-term production of notebook computers have a lot of experience and pinch the patent in hand, but only in business-type products can be Bianqi figure; more interesting is that despite the Fujitsu Group has been involved in the production of R & D capabilities and other sophisticated robot manufacturing areas , while in the performance of the domestic but as Xiaojiabiyu general. I often consider what should be for such a world's third largest IT services company in writing a line of domestic "small minority" brand evaluation article, because consumers know that it does not much ... ...
     I do not want too much on Fujitsu's experience, because that has nothing to do this. But Fujitsu fpcbp63ap battery is undeniable that, Fujitsu and that have the same audience with it, like the ThinkPad has a strong technical accumulation, of course, such accumulation is often referred to as "blood." Recently, I often recommend to a Fujitsu notebook that a friend or colleague, have to admit that this "blood" is my self-confidence, after they bought a laptop because they can not design or quality deficiencies away blame me.
     Fujitsu regarded as a good technical personnel, in accordance with its philosophy, we can see that their "fashion" concept is positioned in the technological content and user-friendly design, which is why we are often able to notebook from Fujitsu can be found will help us apply best ideas; but Fujitsu fpcbp64 battery is not a qualified business, which is a direct result of the brand in the country a bit "small minority" of the reasons, with excellent quality and exquisite craft does not avail I know, Is this not a failure?
     July 15 might be a good opportunity on this day will be a new generation of Intel Centrino 2 mobile platform made public, Fujitsu, of course not to miss this golden opportunity to show their, the new LIFEBOOK S6520 laptop(Fujitsu fpcbp64ap battery) being the new Centrino Platform thoroughly improved performance and also to include the "ECO Energy," "boundless light design," etc., including Fujitsu, had full integration of features.
     Yes, you may think so, LIFEBOOK S6520 notebook is Fujitsu's flagship product, a new generation of business. I know Fujitsu fpcbp64z battery may be expensive, but the S6520 was able to interpret adequately Fujitsu paranoid about product quality. Recently I have noticed, Fujitsu continues to lower the price of its variety of products, if you just want to buy such a laptop so I believe a good time coming, but this evaluation on the LIFEBOOK S6520 notebook article will also be is an understanding of Fujitsu products, good way, so do not you think?

Fujitsu S6421

      Fujitsu laptop since its inception on by the majority of business people of all ages, from the available so far has been yes yes quality and status symbol, there is the title of IBM Japan. Its solemn calm excellent appearance and fine workmanship in the last ten years has never changed. Fujitsu fpcbp50 battery is by virtue of the last ten years, as always, excellent quality, Fujitsu brand in the field notebooks set a good reputation, which has also been sought after by many business people. 
     Since notebook prices trended lower, the Fujitsu brand( Fujitsu fpcbp57 battery ) is also gradually lower its head high. It is not only at the high end is still, as always, have a good quality, but gradually began in the mid-market rivals. The reduction in price also makes high-end Fujitsu is no longer a noble post-secondary supplies, more consumers will feel the excellent quality Fujitsu laptop brought great experience.
     We have recently received a Fujitsu LifeBook S6421 notebook, Fujitsu fpcbp57bp battery has an Intel Pentium dual-core T4300 processor, 2GB DDR3 memory and 320GB hard drive. Although the selected materials have shrunk, but still continued with exquisite workmanship rigorous style, the same time, this laptop ( Fujitsu fpcbp59 battery )does not come from a third party on behalf of the factory, but is still original from Japan's Fujitsu.
     This notebook from Japan Shimane factory's products, just to say that the Japanese plants although there was nothing technically notebook features, but does 5S management to do even better, this is also the product quality assurance. This can be said that Fujitsu LifeBook S6421 notebook birth, descent quite pure, then this 6999 yuan Fujitsu LifeBook S6421 notebook what kind of performance? Fujitsu fpcbp59ap battery will provide you Road to 11.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Fujitsu T2020B Laptop

     【Shanghai Quotes FUJITSU LifeBook T2020B Laptop(Fujitsu fmvnbp136 battery) from a listing on the stunning eyes of consumers can be bi-directional rotation of about 180 ° can be hand-written unique bi-directional rotating screen design, 160 ° ultra-wide viewing angles, but current bid 17,888 yuan, like a friend might look.
      Appearance: the Fujitsu LifeBook T2020B(Fujitsu fmvnbp146 battery) using electromagnetic induction 12.1-inch LED-backlit touch screen, unique to be around 180 ° rotating screen design of bi-directional, 160 ° ultra-wide viewing angle degrees, the 300 lumen high-brightness and 1280x800 resolution, with the magic pen and harmonious with matching, even in bright light outdoors to work, but also to ensure the completion of your Earned dripping all kinds of creativity.
     Configuration: Fujitsu LifeBook T2020B using the new Intel Centrino 2 processing technology, 45-nanometer Intel Core 2 Duo processor SU9400 (Fujitsu fmvnbp145 battery), 4GB DDR3 of memory, 320GB hard drive.
     Interface: the Fujitsu LifeBook T2020B is also equipped with Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR, VoIP Internet call pairs of microphones, multi-card reader, USB, VGA and so improve the communications and interface devices to raise the overall mobility extension features; DVD Super Multi burner The docking base, 9-cell smart battery, stylus lanyard, retractable USB optical mouse and backpack line of optional accessories such as bringing a comprehensive human enjoyment, while the 1.62kg of the lightweight body (Fujitsu fmvnbp144 battery)is created the 12.1-inch Business tablet PC thin all-round experience a new era.
     Editor Comment: The Fujitsu LifeBook T2020B Laptop configuration is very powerful, unique to around 180 ° rotating screen design of bi-directional, 160 ° ultra-wide viewing angle display a good degree, their handwriting (Fujitsu fmvnbp138 battery)is very powerful hold on as long as one would not put it down, at present Price 14,099 yuan, the price is relatively reasonable, interested friends and distributor of contact on a better understanding of what

Fujitsu Tablet T1010 Laptop

     Tablet notebook generally more distant from the general public, one is not necessary, and second, the price is too high. Recently, however, Fujitsu's a classic flat-panel T1010 Maybe this(Fujitsu fmvnbp116 battery) will let you re-examine the flat version of Oh! It is an embodied representation of Fujitsu's high-tech products, advanced technology and the quality is pretty remarkable. Recently the price has slumped sharply to 9399 yuan, and the beginning of the year compared with under five high-priced really Manasarovar ah!
    First of all, or to review the product under the bar. Tablet PCs and  notebooks like, but there are differences. Its biggest feature is the display can be freely rotated, and with a touch-recognition and support for handwriting input. Set of mobile commerce, mobile communications and mobile entertainment as a whole, was once known as the Terminator is a laptop, but the time being not be achieved. Fujitsu T1010(Fujitsu fmvnbp121 battery) belongs to a large-scale features than the full Tablet PC that can accommodate a more powerful performance of the Centrino 2 configurations, can be applied to the high end.
     At the same time they belong to Variable T1010 Tablet PC, a mainframe computer through a clever metal shaft in close connection with the LCD screen, LCD screen with the host when folded together, as a "flat panel computer" to use, but will set off when the LCD screen , the aircraft and could serve as a remarkable notebook computers. Its use of front-LED status indicators on the screen of the touch-scroll sensor designed to enhance the interactive experience of users and computers, but also to ensure that handwritten tablet mode, the operation of convenience. Fuselage at the bottom of the fuselage on both sides with anti-skid particles and the thoughtfulness chamfer design, so that hand-held safe and comfortable. Its meticulous arrangement of the speakers, even if the screen does not close the sound barrier, maintaining good foreign effect.
    As a Tablet PC, Fujitsu T1010 has a fluent handwriting input as well as traditional keyboard input dual-input mode. Its screen with pen-screen, through the random with a pen can manipulate the screen, Fujitsu fmvnbp119 battery can directly support the finger clicks. The bottom of the screen with five quick pieces button, very convenient to operate, as long as the finger can easily deal with a draw.
    In order to better meet the needs of business users, so the aircraft is equipped with top of the screen is equipped with a 1.3 million pixel camera and microphone, VoIP, easy video through the network to allow users to instant messaging. The phone also has built-in 5300AGN (3 antenna design) wireless communications, 56K modem, Bluetooth v2.1 and rich expansion interface in order to obtain high-performance network connections and data transmission. In addition T1010 also has WiFi capabilities, you can and supporting the implementation of simultaneous playback of small speakers without the need to plug in a lot less like a traditional speaker line to reduce the carrying troubles. The aircraft is also equipped with a small, energy-saving wireless mouse, it can be said is very user-friendly.
     Finally Concerning the specific configuration of the Fujitsu LifeBook T1010 uses Intel Core 2 Duo P8400 processor (Fujitsu fmvnbp118 battery), Intel GM45 + ICH9M motherboard chipset, 2G RAM, 250G hard drive, Intel GMA X4500 HD integrated graphics, DVD burner, Windows Vista Home Premium operating system pre-installed. You can see, this sturdy configuration only regret is that there is no independent graphics card, but the X4500's 3D performance is by no means weak Oh!
     Interface is not lost in richness mainstream notebook: have a 3 × USB2.0, 1 × VGA, 1 × RJ11, 1 × RJ45, 1 group external microphone input and headphone output interfaces, power adapter port, docking connector, 1 Type II, 1 × HDMI, Multi-Card Reader (SD / MS), Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR.
    Fujitsu's this beef products in general, Fujitsu fmvnbp117 battery is different from the local, in addition to its base "physique" relatively tough, but also because it has many useful high-tech features. For example, in the mainstream did not dare think of this on the sound control, as well as some very user-friendly entertainment software packages.
    Now this flat price of just 9399 yuan this, the price late last month, already has more than 600 yuan compared with the lowering cost fairly is quite good. Although the current prices are still slightly higher, but considering its advanced features and practical functions, many business people may be considered over. Million compared with the existing level of this on the market, this level may give you a new version of the feelings, interested friends may wish to Chang Changxian Oh! Reference to the following IT distributor in the world can get better service.

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