Friday, January 8, 2010

     [Content & Info] Lenovo IdeaPad V350 (Lenovo 3000 V200 Battery)of the roof using a similar high-end T series ThinkPad notebooks frosted texture coating, soft touch, make it difficult to then see it as a cold electronic products ... ...
     Lenovo IdeaPad V350(Lenovo 3000 Y300 9454 Battery) notebook complete adherence to the early U330 body design, pure black body and the tough business of the corner lines exude calm temperament unique machine. Lenovo 3000 Y310 SERIES Battery uses aluminum-magnesium alloy body cap material, rugged wear-resistant properties to the business applications add more protection.   Products using shaft sinking-screen design, relying on this design, laptops can be integrated into the shaft diameter, the thickness among the body, thereby significantly reducing the overall height of the fuselage. At the same time the shaft has both a beautiful and easy to use, reducing the thick shaft caused by unexpected sense of greater emphasis on the notebook's status as the leading consumer technology.
     The interface between the screen and the fuselage of the Department, the shaft has a relatively uniform damping effect. Lenovo IdeaPad V350 (Lenovo 3000 Y400 9454 Battery)sinking axle can provide users with 130 degrees screen Kai He perspective, easy to use to meet the needs of a variety of occasions. 1.3 million pixel camera has been designed in the top of the screen to configure the left and right of the array microphone, users online chat or video conferencing to provide better sound quality.
     Lenovo IdeaPad C-face(Lenovo 3000 Y410 SERIES Battery) design relatively simple, the top of the keyboard function keys are not too many designs, only provides a power switch, as well as Lenovo's classic one-button recovery feature buttons. In addition, in order to make full use of die space, the keyboard at the top edge of the left and right ends of the design of the built-in speaker, respectively.
     From the exterior point of view, this Lenovo E680 Battery does not seem to keyboard design highlights to speak of what remains is in line with ergonomic curves of the trapezoidal keycap and near-full-size keyboard specifications. But a close look, often the main keys, such as the left Shift, Ctrl, backspace, carriage returns, and other key area to be larger than similar products, which greatly enhanced the accuracy percussion and comfort. In practice, we found that the key to a longer process design, operation feel more partial. In addition, IdeaPad V350 (Lenovo F50 Battery)through shortcut keys to increase a lot of systems and multimedia control functions, the keyboard upper right corner is the multimedia control zones, in addition to curved touch volume adjustment, the next to the touch keys and play in the mode selection control easily switch between, and provides Jazz, Pop, Dance and many other scenes sound choices.
     Lenovo IdeaPad V350's touch pad with a soft matte finish processing, use feel comfortable, and Lenovo 410 Battery can support scrolling functionality, ease of browsing web pages or documents. Touch pad when the short powerful percussion of the double bond while using a metal frame, as against the background, can be regarded as the crowning touch to the entire control interface. Lenovo E260 Battery is worth mentioning is that the touchpad double bond metal frame features a built-status indicators, location coincides with the fuselage in front of light correspond to the user ease of operation, view the notebook running.

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