Sunday, November 15, 2009

HP Pavilion dm3 Laptop

Since the world's first laptop available since the pursuit of thin portable Hstnn-n50c battery computers has been the pace never stopped, and by 2009, for thin and light notebooks for more time and time again ushered in change. In the thin and light notebooks in the process of product research and development has been due to the difficulty is too high and thin and light notebooks enables the production cost is very high, the market price has not been able to reach the expectations of mainstream users. With notebook technology continues to improve, the Hstnn-ob17 battery also constantly lower the overall price, we have ushered in the thin and light notebook "common era." However, with a large number of thin-to-market, doubts about its performance, is also followed - a lot of thin and light notebook product performance is not satisfactory. I believe this is a lot of pairs of thin friend shared this interest in doubt, Is it thin and light Hstnn-ob20 battery product will not have high-performance Mody? The answer is yes!
Compared to other international brands competing to fear after the introduction of new thin and light Hstnn-ob31 battery, HP's thin and light notebook products seems a bit late, until September 21, 2009, HP's new consumer ultraportable HP Pavilion dm3 thin notebook products to meet until the end and the world. While Hstnn-ob42 battery is HP's new thin and light notebook products also coincides with the launch of a new generation of desktop Windows 7 to catch up with the birth, HP Pavilion dm3 family naturally became the first batch of laptops pre-installed system, new Windows 7, but also to enable many The product of the long-awaited increase in the number of netizens look forward to. Then it's thin and light notebooks with other brands compared to what different? And what advantage? Next we will provide you a detailed introduction on this HP's new thin and light notebooks.
HP Pavilion dm3 (Hstnn-ob41 battery)is a 13.3-inch thin and light notebooks, Cool and sleek all-metal design primarily for the young and trendy breed of consumer groups. In the configuration, HP Pavilion dm3 has adopted two kinds of Intel and AMD platform for users to choose. One use of BGA package, Core 2 Duo SP9300 processor, the HP Pavilion dm3-1010TX(Hstnn-ob38 battery) also mated with the Geforce G105M 512M discrete graphics card. Adoption of AMD Athlon 64-bit high frequency performance of dual-core processor HP Pavilion dm3-1001AX in graphics cards, is using a ATI HD4330 512M and ATI RadeonHD 3200 dual card configuration. In addition, dm3-1001AX (Hstnn-ob37 battery)also has the function of intelligent adaptive dual graphics cards, notebook based on the user's usage, timely adjustments to switch between graphics cards. Today, we get to this product is equipped with a dual-graphics HP Pavilion dm3-1001AX, which is this Hewlett-Packard HP Pavilion dm3 with other brands of similar products on the market the biggest difference, and its performance, the performance of the looking forward to even more people.
From the HP Pavilion dm3 series of product configuration is not difficult to see that its focus on thin and light, while the Hstnn-ob51 battery did not give up the pursuit, so we see this by adding a separate graphics card thin notebook, it is the pursuit of mobility and performance have both balance to meet the full requirements of users. Highly metallic design Hstnn-ob53 battery products is an important contemporary trend, combined with immediate large thermal system, joining the latest Windows 7, so this product is based tend to consider this carefully. Well, this series of HP's new thin and light notebook products, whether over other brands of similar products to become the next star in thin and light notebook market, it? Today, this HP Pavilion dm3-1001AX's performance do? I believe you in the following articles will be able to find the answer you want.

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