Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Gateway NV4401c

     Editorial: Although it has been Acer acquired Gateway, but Gateway Gateway 1527196 battery still maintained its own unique style. Not long ago, just listed Gateway NV4401c is the Gateway notebook design team, the latest masterpiece; machine with Intel Pentium dual-core T4200 processor, comes standard with 1G memory, 250G hard drive, X4500 graphics card, but now the latest offer of 3,600 yuan, the whole cost is high.
     Exterior design, Gateway 106868 battery classic cartoon cow sign the form before replaced by the now metal design LOGO, gorgeous fashion designer design style highlights the location of modern fashion trends. Piano paint materials inlaid shell design of the metal brand names, keyboard thin operating comfort, the surrounding material surrounded by silver metal. 14-inch TFT LED widescreen design, display clarity, 2.4kg of body weight, slightly smaller weight. 
     Configuration, this Gateway NV4401c Gateway 106842 battery using Intel's 45 nm Pentium dual-core T4200 processor, with GM45 + ICH9M chipset, comes standard with 1GB memory and 250GB hard drive, DVD burner, Intel X4500 graphics; 14-inch 16:9 The LED widescreen; pre-installed Linux.
     Gateway NV4401c fuselage(Gateway 106235 battery) provides the following interfaces: 3 USB 2.0,1 one VGA, 1 Ge HDMI, 1 Ge RJ11, 1 Ge RJ45, 1 Headphone-out jack (S / PDIF) output and microphone input port, a Kensington lock slot. Network, Gateway NV4401c equipped with a 10/100M Ethernet card and 802.11a / g wireless card. Life context, the models use 6-cell lithium battery-powered, life time of up to 2-3 hours.
     Gateway NV4401c Thanks to the integrated graphics, so when Gateway 1528266 battery comes to running 3D games slightly inferior, but for less demanding users of 3D, the price of 3,600 yuan and brand influence, is still relatively great value.

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