Monday, November 9, 2009

Fujitsu Tablet T1010 Laptop

     Tablet notebook generally more distant from the general public, one is not necessary, and second, the price is too high. Recently, however, Fujitsu's a classic flat-panel T1010 Maybe this(Fujitsu fmvnbp116 battery) will let you re-examine the flat version of Oh! It is an embodied representation of Fujitsu's high-tech products, advanced technology and the quality is pretty remarkable. Recently the price has slumped sharply to 9399 yuan, and the beginning of the year compared with under five high-priced really Manasarovar ah!
    First of all, or to review the product under the bar. Tablet PCs and  notebooks like, but there are differences. Its biggest feature is the display can be freely rotated, and with a touch-recognition and support for handwriting input. Set of mobile commerce, mobile communications and mobile entertainment as a whole, was once known as the Terminator is a laptop, but the time being not be achieved. Fujitsu T1010(Fujitsu fmvnbp121 battery) belongs to a large-scale features than the full Tablet PC that can accommodate a more powerful performance of the Centrino 2 configurations, can be applied to the high end.
     At the same time they belong to Variable T1010 Tablet PC, a mainframe computer through a clever metal shaft in close connection with the LCD screen, LCD screen with the host when folded together, as a "flat panel computer" to use, but will set off when the LCD screen , the aircraft and could serve as a remarkable notebook computers. Its use of front-LED status indicators on the screen of the touch-scroll sensor designed to enhance the interactive experience of users and computers, but also to ensure that handwritten tablet mode, the operation of convenience. Fuselage at the bottom of the fuselage on both sides with anti-skid particles and the thoughtfulness chamfer design, so that hand-held safe and comfortable. Its meticulous arrangement of the speakers, even if the screen does not close the sound barrier, maintaining good foreign effect.
    As a Tablet PC, Fujitsu T1010 has a fluent handwriting input as well as traditional keyboard input dual-input mode. Its screen with pen-screen, through the random with a pen can manipulate the screen, Fujitsu fmvnbp119 battery can directly support the finger clicks. The bottom of the screen with five quick pieces button, very convenient to operate, as long as the finger can easily deal with a draw.
    In order to better meet the needs of business users, so the aircraft is equipped with top of the screen is equipped with a 1.3 million pixel camera and microphone, VoIP, easy video through the network to allow users to instant messaging. The phone also has built-in 5300AGN (3 antenna design) wireless communications, 56K modem, Bluetooth v2.1 and rich expansion interface in order to obtain high-performance network connections and data transmission. In addition T1010 also has WiFi capabilities, you can and supporting the implementation of simultaneous playback of small speakers without the need to plug in a lot less like a traditional speaker line to reduce the carrying troubles. The aircraft is also equipped with a small, energy-saving wireless mouse, it can be said is very user-friendly.
     Finally Concerning the specific configuration of the Fujitsu LifeBook T1010 uses Intel Core 2 Duo P8400 processor (Fujitsu fmvnbp118 battery), Intel GM45 + ICH9M motherboard chipset, 2G RAM, 250G hard drive, Intel GMA X4500 HD integrated graphics, DVD burner, Windows Vista Home Premium operating system pre-installed. You can see, this sturdy configuration only regret is that there is no independent graphics card, but the X4500's 3D performance is by no means weak Oh!
     Interface is not lost in richness mainstream notebook: have a 3 × USB2.0, 1 × VGA, 1 × RJ11, 1 × RJ45, 1 group external microphone input and headphone output interfaces, power adapter port, docking connector, 1 Type II, 1 × HDMI, Multi-Card Reader (SD / MS), Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR.
    Fujitsu's this beef products in general, Fujitsu fmvnbp117 battery is different from the local, in addition to its base "physique" relatively tough, but also because it has many useful high-tech features. For example, in the mainstream did not dare think of this on the sound control, as well as some very user-friendly entertainment software packages.
    Now this flat price of just 9399 yuan this, the price late last month, already has more than 600 yuan compared with the lowering cost fairly is quite good. Although the current prices are still slightly higher, but considering its advanced features and practical functions, many business people may be considered over. Million compared with the existing level of this on the market, this level may give you a new version of the feelings, interested friends may wish to Chang Changxian Oh! Reference to the following IT distributor in the world can get better service.

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