Sunday, December 20, 2009

Acer 5940G Laptop

      U.S. Time September 23, 2009, Intel Corporation executive vice president and general manager of Intel Architecture Group Pu David (David Perlmutter) Fall IDF 2009 in San Francisco has done a theme of "Cool = The Total Mobile Experience" keynote speech, In his speech, Perlmutter for Intel's upcoming code-named "Clarksfield" Intel Core i7 mobile processor, the new Calpella platform, etc. were explained and demonstrated. In the IDF 2009, after 1 month, Intel officially released for the world's mainstream notebook Core i7-720QM, i7-820QM-oriented high-performance gaming notebook Core i7-920XM processor. In the Core i7 processors after the release, several Acer Aspire 1662wlm Battery makers quick to launch Core i7 processors, based on high-end notebook products from the market carrying Core i7 processor, notebook product terms, which have a large size, high - performance, emphasis on gaming entertainment properties, the additional feature-rich and so on.
     This week we got an IT168 Testing Center equipped with Acer launched mobile Core i7 processors Aspire 5940G(Acer Aspire 1663lmi Battery), a detailed model for this product Acer Aspire 5940G-722G32Mn, from the model, we can identify this is a 15-inch single significant products, which carry the Core i7-720QM processor, 2GB memory and 320GB hard drive and support for 802.11n wireless LAN protocol.
     As a 15-inch gaming entertainment book, this Aspire 5940G-722G32Mn (Acer Aspire 1663lm Battery)configuration compared with the top products in the memory and graphics cards, slightly less than, 2GB memory and HD 4650 graphics card to cope with the combination of a number of high-end 3D games It may seem powerless, but 379mmX274mmX36mm size and weight of 3.066kg while stand-alone with those who were comparable in this high with the game.
     This size and weight (Acer Aspire 1663 Battery)are also determined to bring this product 4 to "loiter" on the user must consider the size of their backpacks, and then go take into account the capacity of backpack and shoulder. For those who intend to bring products fixed on the corner, not prepared to move users to use, but added no need to consider the size and weight of the factors that can enjoy the hardware configuration of this product brings the fun of the game.
     Advantages: (Acer Aspire 1662wlmi Battery)good appearance, equipped with mobile Core i7 processor, HD 4650 graphics cards provide high performance, abundant interfaces, screen brightness, contrast, performed better

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