Sunday, December 20, 2009

Acer 5542G Laptop

     Many people choose to home games when the Acer Aspire 1661wlm Battery more confused, because he did not know to buy their own laptop use. Xiao Bian recommend to you today, a Tigris platform universal this - Acer Aspire5542G-302G32Mn, I was informed that the net Witte Yunnan Information Engineering Co., Ltd. (0871-5152828) The laptop is priced at 4580 yuan. Interested friends can look.
     Appearance, the Aspire5542G-302G32Mn Acer Acer Aspire 1661wlmi Battery is still the classic look of the Sapphire, machine design with rounded lines, "acer" LOGO embedded in A covered the center of it is extremely eye-catching, the screen area used by 15.6 inches LED-backlit screen, 16:9 specifications and better coordination with the resolution of high-definition audio and video, display quite good. Keyboard, similar to the current most popular use of the most unique chocolate keyboard, keys prominent, feel very good.
     Configuration, Acer Aspire5542G-302G32Mn(Acer Aspire 1662 Battery) powered by AMD latest Tigris platform clocked at 2.2GHz with the AMD Athlon IIRM500 dual-core processor, but also equipped with a discrete graphics card ATI MobilityRadeonHD4570, independent memory of 512M(Acer Aspire 1662wlm Battery), 3D gaming performance is very Yes. Standard 2G memory and a 320G hard drive, more mainstream. The other built-in DVD burner and camera, sorry for, is due to cost constraints, the aircraft did not pre-installed Windows operating system.
     Editor Commentary: The Acer Aspire 1662lmi Battery label affixed AMDVISIONULTIMATE is its one of the biggest bright spot for many video applications to do the corresponding optimized with AMD all the latest video cutting-edge technology. Quite good overall performance, thermal control is also very good, 4580 yuan price very reasonable. Like a friend can contact merchants.

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